Judith Arnopp
Historical Fiction Author

Playing Soldiers by Ben Robson

Playing Soldiers was written by my father many years ago. I published it for him as a birthday gift. He  never imagined he'd see it in book form and was delighted with the gift and now it is available to purchase from http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/936302


Torn from the arms of his sweetheart to fight for his country in WWII, Playing Soldiers relates Victor (Ben) Robson's experiences as a soldier, a prisoner of war and an escapee.

He remembers the men who fought alongside him, the enemy who imprisoned him, and the Italians who aided his evasion of the enemy whilst on the run in the mountains.

He illustrates his fears, his laughter and his sorrows and the reader comes to share his relief when he finds himself on home soil again.