Judith Arnopp
Historical Fiction Author


Judith Arnopp 

 ISBN: 978-1849234771

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1070, four years after the Battle of Hastings; Eadgyth, in hiding from the conquering King William of Normandy, relates her tale of adventure, passion and conflict.

Daughter of the rich and powerful Earl of Mercia, Eadgyth’s story begins when she is sold into marriage to Gruffydd ap Llewellyn, leader of the Welsh; a man old enough to be her grandfather.   Her life in turmoil, she discovers both friendship and romance, but from a  man who is not her husband.  Ultimately she finds herself accused of treason and fornication.
When the peace of Rhuddlan is shattered by Harold Godwinson’s surprise night attack on the palace Gruffydd and some of his household escape but Eadgyth is abandoned and falls into the hands of the Saxon invaders.
Eadgyth, widowed and separated from her sons, is taken to the court of the Saxon King, Edward the Confessor. There, desperate to be reunited with her children, she befriends the queen and her feminine charms enable her to infiltrate the sticky intrigues of the Godwin family. 
An unexpected proposal of marriage from Earl Harold provides the security she needs and on his accession to the throne, unable to resist his offer, she agrees to become his queen.   However, this newfound position of wealth and power is threatened as William the Bastard assembles his fleet in the south while Harald Hardrada prepares to invade from the North.  The portentous date of   October 14th 1066 looms.
Eadgyth tale is one of loss, betrayal, passion and war and highlights the plight of women tossed in the tumultuous sea of feuding Anglo Saxon Britain.

Reader Comments:

This is a wonderfully written piece of literary fiction, very highly polished! The descriptive prose and the dialogue is rich and has an authentic historical feel to it. -KIM

This is an intelligent book, one we not only enjoy but learn from. Because of the elegant prose, it is a lovely experience in every way. The text is polished to perfection and the author's literary talent sings. - LIZZIE

 I love the writing, very fluid and a joy to read. The narrative voice is almost hypnotic it grabbed me and dragged me along, weaving my way through history and the wonderful prose. A stunning addition to the genre. - MEL

What a FANTASTIC read! I loved this...well, it is one of my favourite periods in history, but Judith has recreated it sooooo well. - FRANCESCA

This is an extraordinarily well thought-out tale that offers evidence of profound knowledge in history and painstaking research into the medieval era in which it takes place. The accuracy of the period seems near-flawless if not completely without error, and it is clear the author has done her homework. The characters are real and the surroundings so lifelike as to transport the reader back in time -ROSS

Rich, brooding, atmospheric, this well-written tale of medieval plotting and politicking feels entirely authentic. The landscape is alive in an animistic way, powerful, cruel, and beautiful. Eadgyth is chattel, a political pawn, as were all women of the period. A beautifully painted historical novel. - RUTH

This is a beautifully told tale of the time of William The Conqueror's defeat of Saxon Britain. The narrative prose is truly excellent and your characters just leap off the page.- PHYLLIS